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Eppendorf Improves Pipetting with Move It Line

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Eppendorf’s Move It line provides better pipetting between different vessel formats to simplify and increase workflow.


Eppendorf has added four additional variants to its Move It adjustable tip spacing pipette line.

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With adjustable cone distances, Move It pipettes reportedly allow scientists to accelerate and simplify workflow when pipetting between different vessel formats from tubes to plates.

The electronic Eppendorf Xplorer plus the Move It models feature 8 or 12 channels and volume ranges of 1-20 μL or 5-100 μL, respectively. With a minimum tip distance of 4.5 mm, these pipettes are suited for the 384-well plate format.

The pipette's tubeless design results in fewer moving fragile parts, which improves precision and durability. The pipettes are also autoclavable, which increases user and sample safety. With a 360-degree rotatable pipette head and ideal hand balance, Move It pipettes are ergonomic and reportedly reduce operating stress in the lab.

Along with the Move It variants, Eppendorf has increased its production capacities for epT.I.P.S. 384 pipette tips, which are suited for 384-well pipetting and available as filter tips.



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