BASF Increases Price for U.S. Oleochemicals

March 13, 2017 | Contact Author | By: Savannah Saunders
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Keywords: BASF | oleochemicals | fatty alcohol | methyl esters | esters | betaines | amphoterics | amides | sulfates

Abstract: BASF will increase its list and off-list prices for U.S. oleochemicals on April 1, 2017.

BASF announced that there will be an increase in U.S. oleochemicals effective April 1. The following products groups that will be affected include:

  • Fatty Alcohol- Lanette, Lorol, Agnique and HD-Ocenols will increase $0.20/kg

  • Methyl Esters- Agnique and Pernil will increase $0.13/kg

  • Other Esters- Loxiol and Agnique will increase $0.20/kg

  • Betaines & Amphoterics- Dehyton adn Deriphat will increase $0.06/kg

  • Amides- Comperlan will increase $0.29/kg

  • High Active Sulfates- Texapon and Agnique will increase $0.18/kg

  • Low Active Sulfates & Dilutions- Standapol, Texapon and Disponils will increase $0.09/kg

  • High Active Sulfate Blends & Derivatives- Plantapon,Plantaren and Texapon will increase $0.08/kg