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Peruvian Society Wins 2017 Lester Conrad Education Prize

“The support from the IFSCC will permit us to offer our members three years of high-quality education we could not afford on our own. Also, we hope our outstanding programs will attract new members to our society. Many thanks to the IFSCC for choosing us.”

Actera Ingredients and Allied Carbon Solution Announce Collaboration

Actera Ingredients has announced its distributing deal with Allied Carbon Solution for North America. Actera Ingredients will offer a large scale production of Sophorolipid for natural cosmetics and household products.

Johnson & Johnson’s Collaborations to Benefit the Skin Care Industry

Johnson & Johnson announced a list of new collaborations to benefit health care such as microbiome in sleep, preventing psoriasis, microneedling and more. Since its establishment in 2012, Johnson & Johnson has collaborated many times, bringing the number of strategic transactions to more than 350.

BASF Presents Nature-oriented Trends

At Cosmetagora 2018, BASF presented a new ingredient along with two nature-oriented lifestyle collections inspired by the latest beauty trends, according to Peclers, a French trend consulting agency.

Lumen Bioscience Raises $13 Million for Biotech Production Platform

“I’m excited by the groundbreaking and patented technologies that our scientists have developed, which allow us to now use Spirulina to produce biologics and therapeutics at a cost that has not been previously possible,” said Jim Roberts, chief scientific officer and co-founder, Lumen.

TRI Announces 8th International Conference on Applied Hair Science

TRI's annual International Conference on Applied Hair Science will provide insiders with a new perspective to the technical future of the industry. Submissions on applied hair science topics are being accepted now.

Wacker Expands to Support Silicone Growth and Demand

“Wacker’s expansion strategy is designed to support continued growth in demand for silicone products, further increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate product development,” said Ian Moore, Ph.D., vice president.

Highlights to Expect at in-cosmetics Global 2018

“in-cosmetics Global will provide unrivalled educational value to a broad international range of cosmetic professionals and we look forward to welcoming them all in April.”

Henkel Donates $1 Million to Toy and Gift Drive

Helping benefit the 24th annual NBC Today Show Holiday Toy and Gift Drive event, Henkel donated $1 million worth of laundry and beauty care products in addition to a stuffed toy donation to various charities across the U.S.

ATRP Solutions Renamed to Pilot Polymer Technologies

“Our name change shows Pilot Chemical’s commitment to growth and innovation in the specialty polymer market. It is great to be part of a company with the leadership, vision and resources to support such an entrepreneurial initiative.”

Aerosol101 Website Launch

Mac Bhuta, longtime industry expert on aerosols, has launched a website to share his knowledge in this field. The site is targeted to beginners in the field as well as seasoned professionals.

SCC Reaches 5,000 Member Milestone

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists, which focuses on serving educational and networking needs of cosmetic science professionals in North America, announced that it surpassed 5,000 members for the first time since its founding.

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