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Science, Technology and Applications at SCS Formulate

Society of Cosmetic Scientists
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The Society of Cosmetic Scientists created SCS Formulate to offer a meeting with enhanced content–from seminars to technical presentations and an exhibition–that provides formulators and others in personal care R&D access to practical information and expertise that they can apply.

SCS Formulate will take place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK, on Nov. 15–16, 2011. Centrally located in the UK, the venue is close to Birmingham International Airport, which can be connected to many locations in Europe and around the world.

SCS Formulate's website includes a useful Plan Your Visit tool, where visitors can choose from an eye-opening menu of all the meetings, presentations and ingredients available to extract every element of content and create their program for a successful visit.

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Achieving practical outcomes is a key objective in the content of SCS Formulate. Accordingly, the seminars offer detailed content on specific issues. The presentations provide information on ingredients and formulation techniques. Also, the exhibition is open for more than eight hours–giving everyone time to take in what they need for an action-packed day.

Knowledge Seminars

Success is about making things happen. That is why the Knowledge program deals with essential techniques that deliver practical applications-oriented outcomes. The seminars are delivered by internationally renowned speakers–experts in their fields with many years’ experience at the cutting edge of personal care R&D. Presentations offered include the following:

Emerging Color Cosmetic Technologies
Rosemary Collins, About Face Cosmetics
Encouraged by a rally in consumer interest, the color cosmetics market has enjoyed a revival in fortunes, recording a recovery in 2009 and again in 2010 following disappointing sales in 2008. Promotional activity has been apparent in the recession, new launches have been positive, and creative difference is regarded as a key factor in future growth. Facial makeup, specifically foundation, has benefited from the influence of areas such as naturals and skin care over the past 12 months. Also, there is now strong consumer demand for multitasking products that deliver the instant effects of a color cosmetic and longer term care benefits. There are many recent introductions that can potentially satisfy these demands. This session examines the technology behind emerging trends in key color cosmetic product categories.

The learning outcomes for this seminar include: awareness of product performance trends in the areas of lip products, mascaras, foundations and powders; understanding the technology of base formulation to date in these product categories; awareness of new technology, its impact on base formulation and potential benefits and understanding the technology behind the trends in active ingredients in these product categories.

The Sense of Smell: Formulating With Fragrance
Andrew Short, CPL Aromas
Product performance of a fragrance is a complex and interesting area that involves ensuring not only that a fragrance meets the odor characteristics suitable for the end product, but also that it is stable and performs any other functions required of it. This includes combating unwanted base odors or odors produced in the use of the end product.

The fragrance house applications chemist faces many challenges in supporting the sales team to ensure that the customer receives the best possible fragrance for their product. They have to be expert in all areas of fragrance application and continually test many individual fragrance raw materials to provide confident guidance to the perfumers on their quest to create that winning fragrance. They also importantly support their account managers to ask the right questions when briefed on a new project to avoid retesting and ensure the customer meets their target date to launch in the market.

The learning outcomes of this seminar include: creating a fragrance specific to the application for which it is intended; information required for fragrance briefs provided to the fragrance house to ensure the best compatibility with a product; how fragrance can improve a formulation; understanding what could potentially interact with the fragrance in a formula; importance of the manufacturer's testing of the product in the correct packaging; and how fragrances are tested to ensure performance in the given application.

Sensory Parameters and Cosmetic Formulae
Luigi Rigano, Industrial Consulting & Research
Effective communication requires sharing the same dictionary with the involved parts. Technology involved in cosmetic formulation architecture is required to satisfy also the emotional and sensorial needs of the consumers. In order to communicate precisely with a consumer's senses, an adequate sensorial strategy must be adopted and applied to the ingredients chosen and assembly. The evolution of perceptions before, during and after the application of a cosmetic onto the skin can be organized systematically during the development phases. The main fields of play, among many, concern the rheology and texture influencing ingredients, the hydrotropes equilibrium and the oil phase organization, not to mention the correct identification of perfumes and color codes.

The learning outcomes of this seminar include: the sensorial language shared between the formulator, the marketing and the consumer, sensory evolution of cosmetics in all application phases as a non-verbal communication driving the correct application and final satisfaction; the expert’s evaluation as a key role in formulae development, but a systemic approach by a trained sensory panel is also possible; selection of thickeners, hydrotropes and oils as examples of sensory formulation strategy, sensorial enchantment of the consumer a key final goal for the formulator; the sensory science influence of formula development, together with chemistry, biology, physics and dermatology.

Trends in Marketing Science to Consumers
Raniero De Stasio, L'Oréal
Examples are given of L'Oréal's "first time in the field" science messages. This includes the use of different communication strategies with celebrities, "high tech" messages or use of global scientific events to launch new consumer technologies. An analysis of what works and what works less effectively is also presented. In any case, no matter whether Jennifer or Penelope or a less appealing ambassador are used to explain the science,  L'Oréal's objective is to be identified by consumers as the company that uses science to develop its products.

Learning outcomes from this seminar include: science as a “dry subject” and not always straightforward in “selling” it to consumers; science definitely helps promoting products as demonstrated by 100+ years of history for L'Oréal; science will continue to “sell” products regardless for the foreseeable future; the importance of making science more fun and attractive using celebrities to endorse it; science messages as great stories for cosmetic scientists, even when they do not work for consumers; science (communications) are worth it.

Trends and novel technologies in sun protection
Julian P. Hewitt, JPH SunCare Technologies
Sun Care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the global personal care market, and staying ahead of the game in this sector is uniquely challenging, as changing regulations and growing consumer awareness drive demand for more effective and elegant products. This seminar reviews recent market trends and regulatory developments in sun protection, showing how these are likely to influence sun care formulations in the future. The key market and technical requirements for different types of UV protection products are discussed, with outline formulation strategies for each. Finally, the seminar covers new technologies in active ingredients and excipients for sun care, indicating how these can be incorporated into the formulation strategies to optimize the efficacy of UV filters and hence create more cost-effective and elegant products.

The learning outcomes for this seminar include: gaining up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements for sun protection products in Europe and elsewhere; learning about current market trends in sun care and understand how to meet the needs of different market segments; learning how to choose UV filter combinations that complement each other to optimize SPF and meet UVA performance standards; learning how to get the most out of organic UV filters by choosing the right excipients to maximize efficacy; understanding how to effectively use inorganic filters, and uncover the myths and the facts about nanoparticles in sun care; and understanding how SPF boosters work, and where they are most useful.

Source Presentations

The Source presentations are ideal for definitive answers to technical questions from people who make the ingredients manufacturers work with every day. It is a free, two-day program of short, sharp presentations from suppliers. The Source has been a popular feature of SCS Formulate since its inception. This is science, technology and formulation technique in a concentrated formula, but one that a formulator can also dip in and out of for content of specific relevance. There is something for everyone in the program of Source presentations, allowing every attendee to match the technologies available with how to obtain them via the exhibition. See Source Presentations, Nov. 15 and Source Presentations, Nov. 16, for a listing of Source Presentations, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The more current Source Presentations can be found on the SCS Formulate's website.


In 2011, the SCS Formulate Exhibition will be the largest that it has ever been, with more suppliers (and new ones too) bringing every conceivable ingredient, raw material and other vital tool for formulating personal care products.

The exhibition is an ideal opportunity to see the new, the innovative, the proven, the everyday and the obscure—everything needed to create, make and market personal care products for today and tomorrow. Full exhibitor profiles can be found on SCS Formulate's website. See Exhibitor List for the current company listing, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The most current Exhibitor List can be found on SCS Formulate's website.


Set in a site covering more than 40 acres, the Ricoh Arena is unlike any other development of its kind in the UK. With state-of-the-art conference and exhibition facilities, this multi-purpose complex has already won awards for its design.

The unique development also has some of the finest transport connections in the UK, making it an attractive and easily accessible location both locally and internationally.

Travel to SCS formulate can be made with the following:
M6: 0.3 miles from junction 3
M69: 1 junction / 4.5 miles
M1/A14: 3 junctions / 14 miles
M6 Toll/M42: 1 junction / 10 miles
Birmingham International Airport/station: 16 miles
Coventry Rail Station: 4 miles

Visible Results in 48 Hours

Business is all about change–new trends in personal care products, the way people look, formulations and ingredients and the science behind the applications.

The two-day content at SCS Formulate is one of the most focused and authoritative of its kind, bringing together leading scientific experts and suppliers from around the world. This is every visitor's chance to learn about the latest innovations in ingredients and formulation techniques direct from the people making them—powerful stuff, with immediate and lasting effects.


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Exhibitor List

Following is the Exhibitor List, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The most current Exhibitor List can be found on the SCS Formulate website.

AarhusKarlshamn UK (AAK)
Active Concepts
Adina Chemicals
Air Products
Alba Science
ALFA Chemicals
Ashland Aqualon
Aston Chemicals
B+C Cosmetic and Food
Basildon Chemical Co
Bayer Material Science
Bell Flavours & Fragrances
Blagden Specialty Chemicals
BMP Biotec
Brenntag Specialties
Bruno Bock
Caldic UK
Chemipol SA
Chemlink Specialities
Chemsil Silicones
CIT/Creations Couleurs
CLR Berlin
Color Clay-Zeus Quimica
Color Techniques
Cornelius Group
Cremer Care
Cremer Oleo UK
CRM International
Croda Europe
Cutest Systems
Derma Sciences
Desert King International
Earthoil Plantations
Eastman Chemicals
Company Eckart Editions BGM
Ekato Mixing Technology
Ekato Systems
Elementis Specialties
EOC Surfactants
Evonik Goldschmidt
Gattefosse SAS
Gemro Products
Grant Industries
Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology
Hallstar Company, The
Inolex Chemical Company
Inovia International
International Food Science Centre
Intertek Health and Beauty Products Group
Istituto Ricerche Applicate  (IRA)
J.M. Huber Engineered Materials
Jan Dekker International
JEEN International Corp.
John L Seaton & Co
Just For Today
KCC Silicones
Knight Scientific
Kobo Products
Koster Keunen Holland
Kreglinger Europe
Laboratoire Expanscience
Lake Chemicals & Minerals
Lanxess Distribution
Lonza Biological
Lubrizol Advanced Materials
Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
Mitsubishi-Kagaku Foods Corp.
MMR Research Worldwide
Momentive Performance Materials
National Physical Laboratory
Natural Plan Products
NK Chemicals Europe
Northstar Lipids UK
Oat Cosmetics
Personal Care Magazine
Phoenix Chemical
Poth Hille & Co
ProTec Ingredia
R.I.T.A Corp.
R.T. Vanderbilt
Radiant Colour
Rahn AG
Rhodia UK
RSSL Pharma
S.A. Ajinomoto Omnichem
Safic-Alcan UK
Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions
Salicylates and Chemicals
Sasol Wax
Schulke & Mayr UK
Seppic UK
Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Public
Shandong Reipu Chemicals Co.
Showa Denko K.K. Chemicals Division
Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)
SPC magazine
Statfold Seed Oil
Stephenson Group
Strahl & Pitsch
Sudarshan Chemicals
Teluca Inc.
Tennants Distribution
Terry Laboratories
The Kerfoot Group
Via Media UK
Wilfrid Smith
Zschimmer & Schwarz


Source Presentations, Nov. 15

Following are the Source Presentations for Nov. 15, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The most current Source Presentations can be found on the SCS Formulate website.

A Novel Film Forming and Highly Hydrating Natural Polysaccharide
Giada Maramaldi/Stefano Togni, Indena
Forever Young: The Holy Grail of Cosmetics!
Clare Broomhead, Rahn (UK)
Introducing a New Carbon Based Ingredient that Gives the Same Skin Feel as a Silicone
Frederic Pilz, PhD, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland)
What's New for Personal Care for 2012?
Pauline Ayres, Azelis
Novel Introduction of Recipe Engineered Food Lipids in Cosmetic Formulations for Better and Safer Health
Prof. Vijai K. S. Shukla, International Food Science Centre A/S
Defend Against Time and Preserve Beauty
Rachel Baines, Croda Europe Sun Care & Biotechnology
Exciting Colours Created by Effect Pigments
Michael Rechinger, Eckart
Formulating Novel Textures and Delivery Systems
Estelle Chevreton, Aston Chemicals
New Dermo-Active Lipid System for Skin Care
Sergio Amari, B&T
Multifunctional Silicones
Tony O’Lenick, Siltech
A Complete Approach to Skin Care
Raul Vallecillo, Lipotec S. A.
Sustainable Cellulose Derivatives Helping You to Get More from Your Formulations for Less!
Andy Girdharry, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry
A New 100% Natural Liquid Thickener
Neus Subirats, Kao Chemical Europe
Corneocar -New Insights Into Moisturizing
Manuela Pflaumbaum, PhD, DSM Nutritional Products
Getting the Best from Oat Ingredients
David Fielder, Ceapro Inc.
Novel, Naturally Based Gelling Agents: Exceptional Formulation Tolerance, Luxurious Skin Feel
Agnes le Fur, Lucas Meyer
Smart Rheological Solutions for Rinse-off Formulas
Florence Bussod, Rhodia
Trends in Hair Care
Gary Astill, Surfachem
New Concepts on Moisturization and Barrier Formation
Jennifer Lange, Evonik Goldschmidt
Smell Good Feel Good - Sensiva SC50. A New Way for Formulators to Boost & Fixate Perfumes
Kristen Gysen, Schulke & Mayr
The Transformation Trend and Ways to Address It
Jackie Searle, IMCD UK
Glycohyal LW: Inner Skin Activator. The Evolution of Hyaluronic Acid:/Booster of Penetration. Cellulite Treatments, Anti-aging Skin Care Repair
Andrea Maltagliati, BC Cosmetic and Food
Meeting Market Trends - Innovate Products to Match Consumer Demands
Samantha Brown, PhD, Innospec
Flanogen VPC620 - Allowing Formulators to Play with Different Textures
Claire Duflot, Cargill

Source Presentations, Nov. 16

Following are the Source Presentations for Nov. 16, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The most current Source Presentations can be found on the SCS Formulate website.

Personal Care and Colour Cosmetics-New Ways of Mixing
Philipp Todtenhaupt, Ekato Systems
New Silicone-Based W/O Emulsifiers Matching Current Market Trends in Personal Care
Achim Friedrich, PhD, Evonik Goldschmidt
Latest Innovative Technologies from Dow Personal Care
Dow Personal Care
Healthy Hair Dynamics
Mike Hindley, Croda Europe Consumer Care
Dermosoft Decalact: a New Antimicrobial Active to Prevent Dandruff and Other Skin Conditions
Wilfried Petersen, PhD, Dr Straetmans
Coming Closer to the Fountain of Youth
Frederic Pilz, PhD, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland)
Challenges and Solutions for Formulating 'Sulfate-Free' Products
Mike McDonough, Innospec
Baycusan C 1008: A New Film Forming Polyurethane Polymer for Hair Styling Formulations
Sophie Viala, PhD, Bayer Material Science AG
Revolutionise Your Natural Formulations! One Ingredient, Many Uses–Sucragel
Caroline Recardo, Alfa Chemicals Personal Care Division
Preserve the Beauty of Your Products Using Either Nipaguard PO blends, or Velsan SC
Frederic Pilz, PhD, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland)
New Directions: Novel Technology to Address the Current Market
Ruth Borner, PhD, Lehvoss UK Paroxite Division
Improving the SPF of Suncare Products Using Spider Esters
Kevin O’Lenick, Surfatech LLC
Fragrance Delivery Systems for Personal Care Products
Bryan Grossman, Salvona
Simulgreen 18-2: New Green Based O/W Emulsifier with Improved Sensory Profile
Sophie Cambos, Seppic
Alternative Methods of Microbiological Control
Jenni Hollinsworth, Isotron
Tilamar, the Most Innovative Polymers
Manuela Pflaumbaum, PhD, DSM Nutritional Products Europe
New Silicone-Free Conditioning Performance: Synergies in Haircare with Zenix Phosphate Esters and N-Hance Cationic Guars
David Popplewell, Ashland Aqualon

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