[video] Precision Biotech Advances Postbiotics for Microbiome Answers to Aging

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"Today, we are talking about a new frontier in the area of microbiota," says Francesco Rastrelli, Pharm.D., general manager for Kalichem, in the following sponsored interview. "[P]ostbiotics ... refer to the metabolic byproduct produced by probiotic bacteria during the fermentation process. ... [R]ecently, it has been found that they are also really effective for skin purposes." 

He explained it has been postulated that microorganisms in the skin communicate through a network of molecules or postbiotics, and that Kalichem has developed such metabolites through a unique fermentation process. The result is highly selective molecules that can be customized to different targets. New ingredients launched, for example, include Kalibiome Sensitive, Kalibiome AGE and Kalibiome Ecogenetic, for skin; Kalibiome Sensitive D-V for hair; and Kalibiome Oris for oral care.

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"[We] developed a biofermentation process in minimal media and [under] controlled conditions with no living bacteria, residual food or bacterial fragments," Rastrelli explained. These pure substances, he added, represent a new class of derived factors to help keep the skin microbiota in balance and reinforce skin conditions. Kalichem also took the step of characterizing these postbiotics, which were found to contain biotic compounds such as peptides, organic acids, etc.; and correlated their efficacy with changes in specific microbial populations.

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