Katerina Steventon, Ph.D.

Katerina Steventon 150

Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., is a skin care specialist with substantial experience working at the clinical, commercial and research interface. She holds master's degree in clinical biochemistry, a doctorate in transdermal absorption and more than 25 years of global work experience in the personal care and wound care industry. Steventon has in-depth knowledge of skin biology in both its healthy and diseased states, and a comprehensive understanding of consumer and technology trends and commercialization of research in a spectrum of health care areas. She also has experience running an innovation consultancy and a private clinic with a focus on functional skin care.

Approaching skin care innovation from many perspectives, Steventon appreciates the importance of understanding consumer needs, the fast translation of science into products, and the benefits of cross-functional knowledge-sharing. She facilitates academic/industry partnerships for the Skin Research Centre at the University of York. Also, as a clinician, innovation consultant and co-director of the Cosmetics Cluster UK, she endeavors to highlight the importance of skin health and mental well-being research and innovation in personal care to the individual well-being of consumers. Steventon is also the scientific program director for the biennial Anti-Aging Skin Care Conference in London.

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