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International Cosmetics Science Centre A/S (ICSC) is a research-based company which innovate, produce and deliver high quality natural oils, butters, sustainable actives, antioxidants and preservatives. We work only with natural ingredients and we have 40 years of experience with research and industry knowledge.

ICSC believe in high quality and hence the facility, procedures and products are Certified by ISO 9001, EFfCI , KOSHER , Ecocert-COSMOS.

ICSC is working with nature and hence we are very focused on sustainability. As an example of this all electricity is generated through own solar panels and certified green electricity. Precision Climate Farming ingredients are grown at our facility for optimized conditions and control.

In our advanced research center with the latest and modern instruments we identify, test and develop new raw materials along with complete know-how for cosmetics applications. The Formulation lab continuously identify and develop new futuristic concepts and formulations in cosmetics using completely natural ingredients. Efficacy studies are also performed for validation of the natural ingredients.

ICSC has warehouses in Europe and in the US for quick dispatch and timely delivery.

ICSC is a family-based company founded in 1989 by Professor Dr. Vijai K. S. Shukla. Today ICSC is managed by the 2nd generation, Mr. Philip G. Shukla, President and hence the strong values of innovation, high level of customer service and personal commitment are continued.

Products offered:

Natural Oils and Butters: ICSC offers a wide portfolio of natural vegetable Oils and Butters under COSMOSIL® brand Sourced from all over world and processed with Greener Technology in Denmark without any use of chemicals. ICSC offers products in 4 categories: conventional, conventional Internally stabilized, organic certified and organic certified Internally Stabilized.

Sustainable Actives: Sustainable, natural and innovative ingredients from plants that are grown in ICSC’s certified Precision Climate farming facility in Denmark under highly optimized conditions and with full attention to sustainability, traceability and quality control.

Natural Antioxidants and preservatives: ICSC offers range of Antioxidants and preservatives under the  DANOX brand which are developed using completely natural ingredients and special processing with minimum color and odor.

Recently launched products:

Cosmosil CICA Omega 3 Oil I.S. 

Cosmosil Microgreen range

Cosmosil CAL Oil and Butter:

Cosmosil Anti-Pollution Oil I.S. Organic

Cosmosil Youth Oil

Years in business:35
Geographic sales distribution:USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Color Cosmetics, Conditioning, Hair Care, Moisturizing, Natural/Sustainable, Preservation, Sensory, Skin/Body, Sun Care)
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulas(Anti-aging/Face, Hair Care, Skin Care)
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