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A Shea Butter Unlike the Others

Sederma France
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It is a bit risky to tell you first about the incredible creamy texture of NG Shea unsaponifiable, as you can’t touch it. But actually it really makes the difference. The innovative, sustainable process used to obtain Sederma’s NG Shea unsaponifiable allows formulators to concentrate the unsaponifiable content, the active part of shea butter, by about three times compared to standard shea butter. Thus, this product is naturally smooth and extremely unctuous. Moreover, this butter’s stability is quite impressive as it stays white and doesn’t smell, even after two or three months of use. Just a small of amount of NG Shea unsaponifiable can really improve a basic formula, making it smoother and better-performing as well.

Such a high content of unsaponifiables foreshadows a unique and intense repairing effect on the skin.

Indeed, what makes NG Shea unsaponifiable different is also its tremendous efficacy. Tested at only 1% in lip balm, it has demonstrated a sublime action on chapped lips in just two days:

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This valuable active ingredient has been demonstrated to:

  • Soothe the reactive and irritated lips,
  • Rebuild lips’ integrity to restore barrier function and improve hydration: dry scales disappear from the lip surface,
  • Make the lips comfortable, soft and evenly pink.

Laser Speckle imaging is an innovative instrumental method to assess inflammation. By the observation of microcirculation in real time, injuries and acute inflammation, which are characterized by an increased blood flow, can be easily detected. And the soothing effect of NG Shea unsaponifiable also:

To know more about the efficacy study results not shown here, don’t hesitate to ask for the literature of this product and, most important, ask for a sample to test the incredible texture of NG Shea unsaponifiable yourself.

NG Shea unsaponifiable complies with the Ecocert natural and organic cosmetic standard and with the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.



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