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Unexpected Suncare: Explore unique sensory innovations

Gattefosse USA
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The sensoriality of sunscreens is a major concern and a challenge for formulators. Addition of UV filters to cosmetics brings greasiness and stickiness that are difficult to hide and unpleasant to the consumer. Despite awareness of the importance of daily UV protection, sunscreens are underused as regards quantity applied and frequency of application.

To meet consumer expectations and provide UV protection that is a pleasure to use, Gattefossé has applied its sensory and formulation expertise to the field of sun care:

  • Unexpected combinations and innovative textures
  • Optimization of sensoriality
  • Understanding sun care needs in different environments
  • Testing of sunscreens in real-use conditions
  • Use of a UV camera to visualize sunscreens once applied on the skin

Gattefossé has been working on a complete range of photo-protection products with improved sensory properties. Say goodbye to greasiness and stickiness, rediscover sun care with formulas that consumers will love to use!


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