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SolAmaze™ Natural polymer

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Biodegradable film-forming polymer for water and rub resistance 

When formulating high-performing sunscreens, formulators have learned to fully trust synthetic ingredients that provide outstanding water-resistance and pleasant consumer aesthetics. However, these ingredients, often based on petrochemically derived raw materials, are under scrutiny from NGOs and the media for their persistence in the environment and arguable sustainability. Due to this trend in the market, consumers are demanding more sustainable product solutions with equivalent performance to synthetic options.  

SolAmaze Natural polymer is a novel bio-based, biodegradable, film-forming polymer that offers superior water resistance and pleasing aesthetics for high SPF emulsion sunscreens. It is globally approved and was developed to maintain the performance of leading synthetic polymers except with reduced persistence in the environment. 

Solamaze Natural has been determined to be readily biodegradable by OECD 301D biodegradation testing. In addition to its biodegradability, SolAmaze Natural has been tested for toxicity and was determined to be nontoxic to aquatic life. 

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Produced from completely non-hazardous raw materials in a solvent-free and waste-free process, SolAmaze Natural conforms with the 12 principles of Green Chemistry* showing maximum atom economy, highest degree of renewable carbon usage and excellent process efficiency. 

Recommended Applications

  • Traditional organic sunscreens up to SPF 50+
  • Fully mineral sunscreen formulations
  • Anhydrous sunscreen sticks
  • Daily wear moisturizer with SPF
  • Color cosmetics
  • Face, body, hand and foot creams and lotions

In formulations, SolAmaze Natural provides outstanding water resistance performance without any negative effect on the skin aesthetics, enabling solid SPF claims and high reproducibility in both in-vitro and in-vivo SPF testing. 

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Formulation flexibility

SolAmaze Natural polymer performs well in typical sunscreen formulations and has excellent compatibility with commonly used organic and mineral sunscreen actives. 

SolAmaze Natural polymer is also compatible with a wide range of commonly used biodegradable rheology modifiers and emulsion stabilizers, such as Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate (Structure® XL starch), Dehydroxanthan Gum (Amaze™ XT polymer) and Modified Potato Starch (Structure® Solanace), allowing fully acrylate-free sunscreen products. 

SolAmaze Natural’s lipophilic nature makes it the ideal companion for anhydrous systems such as mineral and organic sunscreen sticks, as well as high SPF lip sunscreen. It is stable to heat and shear and does not require any specific handling during production.

*Anastas, P. T.; Warner, J. C. Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press: New York, 1998, p.30


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