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Healthy Lashes are Lustrous Lashes!

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L.A.S.H.™ Complex is a naturally derived blend of extracts proven to soothe the eye area. This ophthalmologist-developed and -tested complex is designed to target the unique anatomy and function of the lashes and eyelid skin to optimize their health.

L.A.S.H.™ Complex can be added to either treatment or makeup products created for consumers with sensitive eyes. Eye sensitivity makes it uncomfortable to wear mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes the wearing of eye makeup can exacerbate this sensitivity, and lead to further issues such as crusting, puffiness and itching. When these issues occur, doctors typically recommend that the patient stops wearing eye makeup until the symptoms go away.

By incorporating L.A.S.H.™ Complex into eye area treatment and makeup products, these symptoms can be avoided and there is no need to stop wearing makeup! 

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