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Emulium® Dolcea MB is a new O/W emulsifier of 100% natural origin that is easy to use and flexible, and that enables the creation of organically certified, readily biodegradable and vegan formulas.

It is highly compatible with various cosmetic ingredients: all types of oils, gelling agents, alcohols, polyols, preservative systems, organic UV filters and TiO2. It also brings reliable stability to emulsions, due to its unique composition.

Featuring a strong sensory signature, Emulium® Dolcea MB provides high softness during application and after absorption to all formulations. Developed by Gattefossé oleochemists, it combines functional and sensory benefits and it also brings immediate and long-lasting moisturizing properties for up to 48 hours.

Its properties make Emulium® Dolcea MB an all-in-one functional and active solution for a wide range of textures from sprayable lotions to thick butters, pushing forward the limits of natural cosmetics.


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