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Skin-Ready Honey Extract for Healing

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A nutrient-packed, rare white honey extract delivers skin-healing, inflammation-reducing and moisturizing benefits to cosmetic formulations. Healing Hive BCR is derived from a rare white honey in the isolated Kiawe Forest on the island of Hawaii. There, Kiawe trees stretch deep into an underground aquifer of fresh water that streams down from volcanoes, tapping into a nutrient-rich source in the otherwise desert climate. The honey naturally crystallizes into an exceptionally creamy texture, creating a unique pearly white structure with healing powers to prevent and reduce scars, soothe inflammation and redness, and provide incredible moisture to the skin.

Bio Component Research offers natural extracts that are scientifically designed for skin. BCR’s BioTransformation technology delivers skin-ready extracts by mimicking the natural conversion process in skin cells in order for the skin to absorb extracts. The BioTransformation technology does the work so your skin doesn’t have to. The purified aqueous delivery of BCR extracts makes them easy to formulate with; almost as easy as adding water to formulas.



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