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How to naturally say goodbye to digital stress

Givaudan Schweiz AG
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Sleeping is one of the simplest and least expensive beauty secrets for the skin. And yet it is not the most obvious to respect.

According to our internal CMI study, 80% of people are not satisfied with their sleep quality. The reason? High visible energy light (HVEL), including blue light. If the sun remains the primary source of this short wavelength light, artificial lights on digital screens are the ones that damage the skin daily, for hours. And guess what? 77%[1] of consumers think screen time has a negative impact on their sleep quality, and 89% of them would be interested into a cosmetic product improving their sleep quality! Well aware of its harmful effects on the skin surface and sleep quality, Givaudan Active Beauty brings the solution with Synchronight™.

Synchronight™ is a patent-pending stabilised extract of Gardenia fruits, able to protect the skin from the consequences of direct exposure to blue light (protection of antioxidant defences, preservation of the natural cycle of production of cutaneous melatonin), to slow down the premature aging of the skin and improve the quality of sleep. 

Synchronight™ protects the cutaneous production of melatonin when skin is exposed to a digital stress thanks to its blue light absorbing properties. Melatonin can therefore achieve its natural role of fighting against the deleterious effects of digital pollution on premature skin aging. But moreover, thanks to its activation by the skin microbiome into a vegetal melatonin-like molecule, it takes an active part into skin defences and well-being mechanisms.

To evaluate the well-being and anti-aging benefits of Synchronight™ in face care applications, a clinical test was conducted in double blind versus placebo. This study was carried out on 40 women (average age 39 years old, from 18 to 50 years old), selected for being in front of a digital screen more than four hours per day, with at least two consecutive hours in the evening, with their devices set at 100% luminosity. Two groups of volunteers were formed, and panellists applied a cream with or without the equivalent of Synchronight™ at 2% twice a day (morning and evening) for 56 days. Clinical tests have indeed highlighted that Synchronight™ reverses visible signs of aging (-21% wrinkles number versus placebo) while contributing to a general improvement of volunteers sleep quality (easiness to fall asleep, number of wakeups during night).

[1] Source: Givaudan internal study (3S Sleep CMI 2020, 1850 respondents in 6 countries)  


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