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Health and Clean Beauty Driving Skin and Sun Care Innovation

Elementis Specialties
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As we enter the final quarter of 2020, the beauty industry is experiencing enduring and seismic changes as a result of COVID-19. Health and wellness were already considered top trends by more than 60% of beauty and personal care industry leaders, according to Euromonitor’s 2019 Voice of Industry survey. COVID-19 has resulted in anxiety over health thus putting an even stronger spotlight on these trends. This focus, however, has not disrupted the desire for a more “clean” and sustainable world. Consumers equate “clean” with “safe” and therefore the concepts of clean and health are intertwined public perceptions. Formulators have an opportunity to meet these evolving concerns with natural ingredients and innovative concepts that offer both improved product performance and enhanced consumer experiences.        

Skin care as self-care is on the rise as at-home skin treatments offer stress relief and escape. These products serve a dual purpose providing both emotional relaxation and physical improved skin quality. Successful products have inspirational yet soothing textures with hero ingredients that deliver real improvement to skin health and appearance. Ideally, these products are natural and vegan which are perceived to be safer and healthier than alternatives. Elementis 100% natural, vegan BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ rheology modifiers and 98% naturally derived, vegan BENTONE® LUXE WN help formulators create inventive and consumer customizable products. MEADOWESTOLIDE® is a COSMOS-approved moisturizing ingredient derived from sustainable meadowfoam seed oil. Its ceramide-like structure provides exceptionally long lasting moisturization and improved skin clarity.

The health wellness trend also manifests itself in the growing need for daily skin protection. Well-known skin cancer and aging concerns related to sun exposure are augmented with the worries of the impact of escalating exposure to blue light intensified during social distancing. These factors have increased the demand for products with light protection claims in categories beyond specifically sun care. These multifunctional products often combine protection claims with anti-aging, moisturization and instant glow benefits. Effective rheology modifiers such as Elementis’ BENTONE GEL® and BENTONE® LUXE offer efficient suspension of protective organic and inorganic sunscreen actives, as well as light reflecting effect pigments to deliver the appearance of healthy radiance.

Similarly, the sun care category is evolving. Reliable protection is always a priority in sun care but as the world moves towards a more sustainable future, eco-conscious products are essential. Consumer concerns about certain organic sunscreen actives’ impact on coral reefs and ocean ecosystems has brought an eco-ethical spotlight on sun protection driving formulations toward greener formulations. Elementis’ Sun Protection Solutions step up to this challenge with natural products that boost SPF and improve water resistance.    

In summary, COVID-19 has heightened the existing strong trends around health and wellness. The related clean beauty trend has moved beyond free-from claims as consumers look for products that are not only good for them but also take care of the environment and society. Elementis’ product line of natural clay-based rheology modifiers and active botanical ingredients help formulators create innovative products that deliver both efficacy and inspiring consumer experiences.



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