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Create Extreme Styles with a Resistant Hold

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AquaStyle™ 300 N polymer is the ideal solution in creating durable styles that last all day. Designed primarily for styling gels and creams, this multifunctional fixative and styling polymer can be applied to wet or dry hair to create extreme styling effects while protecting your hair from the elements.

The distinct film properties of AquaStyle™ 300 N allow for noticeable style durability, even in humid conditions. This versatile film former helps to combat and control frizz and deliver a brilliant shine, while creating a barrier to shield hair against pollution and the effects of urban living.

The unique benefits of AquaStyle™ 300 N makes it the perfect polymer for a range of styling applications such as clear gels; styling creams; novel stylers, including pomades, waxes, glues, and putties; mousses; styling sprays and lotions.



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