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Patent Pick: Avon Gives Hair a 'Pep' Talk

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Unfortunately, hair thinning and loss is well-known to afflict both men and women. It can cause low self-esteem and negatively impact an individual's quality of life.

According to Avon inventors, various approaches have attempted to prevent keratin fiber loss and thinning, as well as enhance the growth, fullness and appearance of keratin fibers. Yet, there remains a need for improved keratin fiber care products.

Therefore, the object of a new patent application is to provide compositions that improve the health and/or appearance of hair, thicken hair and/or promote hair growth.

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Peptides to treat hair
U.S. Patent Application 20170143604
Publication date: May 25, 2017
Assignee: Avon Products, Inc.

Disclosed in this patent are peptides and topical compositions containing them, which improve the health and/or appearance of keratinous surfaces and fibers. Specifically, the peptides incorporate from 3 to 12 amino acid residues and comprise the sequence YNT (SEQ ID NO: 1) or PVG (SEQ ID NO: 2). Said peptides improve the health and appearance of keratin fibers, strengthen them and promote their growth.

In various aspects, the keratin fibers may be beard hair, moustache hair, scalp hair or eyelashes. Said fibers may have been damaged, for example, by sun exposure, chlorine or other chemicals. A composition containing the specific peptides is typically applied at least once daily for one, two, four, eight, twelve weeks or longer, as needed.

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