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Gluadin® WLM Benz Wheat Microprotein Soothes and Calms Scalp and Skin

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Gluadin® WLM Benz is a highly micronized wheat-based protein active that shows substantial depth penetration into the hair shaft, forming an excellent basis for effective repair, restructuring, and protection. In addition, it contributes to hair smoothness and leaves a protective film that guards against daily stresses such as combing, styling and coloring, reducing hair breakage by more than 80%. Gluadin WLM Benz soothes and calms irritated skin and scalp with a proven anti-inflammatory effect.

Gluadin® WLM Benz is a perfect solution for formulators looking for a 100% naturally derived low-molecular wheat protein hydrolysate. It consists of low-molecular wheat peptides obtained through enzymatical hydrolysis of wheat protein, which are able to penetrate the hair shaft deeply. This ingredient is suitable for hair care products that require effective repair and restructuring benefits, as highlighted in the following formulations:


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Prime Condition Styling Foundation (US-00846-034)

Revitalizing Scalp Treatment (HB-US-14-32261-143)

Luminous Locks Hair Multi-Tasker (HB-US-14-32296-79)



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