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Economical, Easy to Handle, Naturally Plant-Derived Conditioner with Data Sheet

Pilot Chemical
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MAQUAT® BTMC-80, from Pilot Chemical, is a naturally plant-derived behenyl trimethyl ammonium chloride offered as an 80% active material in an economical and easy-to-handle pastille. MAQUAT® BTMC-80 imparts exceptional conditioning, wet-comb, detangling, softening, suspending and emulsification properties to the formulation.

Naturally derived from the renewable resource Rapeseed (Canola) Oil, MAQUAT® BTMC-80 is based on the primary lipid which makes it a uniquely natural complement for use in hair conditioners and rinses, skin creams and lotions. BTMC-80 imparts smooth detangling and improves flyaway, while leaving a soft silk after-feel. MAQUAT® BTMC-80 can also be used as a cationic emulsifier, and as an anti-static and softening agent in textile applications.



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