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Micah™ from Hallstar: In an Anti-Aging Category of Its Own

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For centuries, people of all cultures have sought ways to prevent visible signs of aging—sagging, wrinkles and discoloration. And yet, the beauty and personal care market has seen few significant innovations in anti-aging science since the introduction of retinol and broad-spectrum UV protection—both of which present drawbacks alongside the benefits they confer.

Micah™ from Hallstar is a new chemistry that promises a breakthrough platform in anti-aging science and product development. Using a patented discovery in fused-ring cyanoacrylates, Micah™ returns UV-excited photosensitizers to the ground state, safely stopping damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals from forming. 

Neither a UV filter nor an antioxidant, Micah™ can give a commanding performance lead to a range of sun and skin care products.

Can your next innovation benefit from Micah™? Watch our brief video for a technical overview of this powerful new ingredient and find out more in our brochure.



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