Protein-protected Emollient Spheres

Botaneco has created what it terms the first branded line of oilbody-based ingredients. Hydresia (INCI: not provided) is a natural base that acts as an emulsifier, emollient and moisturizer in one. It has natural antioxidant properties and reportedly uses less energy in the creation of finished goods because of its cold process formulation.

Producing the product uses a technology in which the protein-protected emollient spheres are harvested fully intact and without traditional chemical seed crushing methods. This process reportedly does not involve solvents or chemicals in the isolation of the natural, emollient-rich skin softeners encapsulated in a natural liposome (oleosomes).

The ingredient is derived from safflower seeds that are grown in the semi arid regions of the world for oil. Safflower oil's high unsaturated fatty acid content is utilized in the product to impart a light, smooth emollient feel to skin. The base product is beneficial to skin because the protein protected seed emollients (oleosomes) are captured intact, forming a natural bond with the skin without disrupting skin defenses. The company maintains that the ingredient's amino acids and peptides act like a natural extension of the skin.

The product is a renewable base for moisturizers, body lotions, hand and body washes, cosmetics, fragrances and sunscreens. Benefits of the ingredient include: skin barrier protection, natural antiaging properties, hydration, long lasting effects, improved skin absorbtion and mild delivery.

The line emulsifies other oil soluble ingredients, eliminating the need for secondary emulsifiers or stabilizers, such as chemical based emulsifiers, animal or petroleum derived ingredients. The company conducted transepidermal water loss (TEWLS) studies with a formulation consisting of the product to report that it enhances the natural barrier function and provides hydration.

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