Codif’s 3 Solutions to Counteract a Hectic Lifestyle


Codif Technologie Naturelle launched three solutions to help skin confront busy lifestyles and counter-balance the effects of aging, skin reactivity and body shape.

  1. B-Shape (INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae Extract) helps rebalance and boost lipolytic activity. This ingredient reshapes body contours within two weeks, developing a redrawn stomach and refined arms.
  2. Areaumat Perpetua (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Helichrysum Italicum Extract) soothes sensitive skin instantly, reinforces skin barrier and reactivates defense mechanisms, which are weakened by stressful life triggers. Additionally, this ingredient stops TEWL, reduces sensitive skin reactivity and clears redness within two weeks.
  3. Silenage (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Saponins (and) Mineral Salt) improves the signs of aging. Helping the skin to look four years younger, the ingredient reinforces the biochemical properties of skin with increased components of the dermis and biological rejuvenation of dermis-epidermis junction. Utilizing this ingredient provides firmer, tightened skin with a corrected jawline. 
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