How Chronic Lifestyle Stress Affects Skin Appearance


Is Chronic Lifestyle Stress Changing Our Appearance? 

Is Lifestyle Stress Affecting Our Skin Appearance? 

As a result of today’s hyper-connected, 24/7 hectic lifestyle, research suggests that consumers may be more stressed than ever before. While the link between lifestyle stress and skin appearance has been hypothesized for decades, recent studies have shown that sustained emotional stress has distinct impacts on skin.

Our body has a sophisticated response system that is highly beneficial in stressful periods. Unfortunately, sustained stress levels can “stress out” our natural stress response. The multiple effects of increased mental and physical stress affect our skin biology while also generating unbalanced levels of key skin components. This persistent imbalance could result in unwanted changes in skin appearance, such as lines and wrinkles, skin thinning, reduced skin elasticity and lower skin barrier functionality.

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