Nordic Beauty Trend – Hygge, Lagom and More

Homemade balm on lips decorated with daisy flowers
Homemade balm on lips decorated with daisy flowers
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Global lifestyles continue to influence the personal care industry. BASF’s Nordic Beauty Concept is inspired by northern European lifestyle trends – particularly the Danish “Hygge” and the Swedish “Lagom” lifestyles.

Danish Hygge (“cosiness”) captures a moment in time, a way to take a break in your daily life. Swedish Lagom (“'just the right amount”) is about you approach to your life as a whole.

Both lifestyles are suggestive of a soothing and relaxing approach to life.

The BASF team has captured the essence of this lifestyle in the Nordic beauty concept in which the formulations are marked with oily and balmy textures that represent a caring and pampering skin and hair care routines.

Learn about our 5 concept formulations inspired by Nordic lifestyle here:

Nordic Beauty Concept by BASF


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