Pollution: It’s Time to Take Action


With 70% of the world’s population predicted to live in cities by 2050 and urban pollution on the rise, protecting the skin against environmental stresses is a major topic of interest that’s set to become ever more relevant in the near future. While pollution may seem like a remote phenomenon to western countries, rising pollution levels is truly a global issue, with even certain parts of the USA experiencing unhealthy levels of air pollution. Skin is our first line of defense against rising levels of pollution, so we need to strengthen its resilience now. See how DSM’s 5 Active – 5 Actions concept could prepare you for action.  

Request our report to discover how you can:

  • Boost skin’s protection against environmental pollution
  • Fight pollution’s effects and provide visible skin benefits
  • Select proven actives that deliver your most desired skin benefits
  • Create your own anti-pollution skin care cocktail


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