Mood paint with SEPPIC: Company exposes new approach at in-cosmetics 2017!


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SEPPIC is also present in the innovative zone with CONTACTICEL™ and EMOSMART™ & EMOGREEN™:

  • CONTACTICEL™ is a skin-purifying active ingredient that provides skin protection against pollution. Extracted from a rare shield algae uniquely cultivated in a CELEBRITY™ bioreactor, it effectively reduces sebum of a skin exposed to a highly polluted atmosphere (ozone, microparticles, heavy metals) in two months.
  • True alternative to silicone oils, EMOSMART™ & EMOGREEN™ are high purity and biodegradable emollients. Rewarded as the Most Sustainable Ingredient by the NYSCC in January 2017, SEPPIC will present at the show new data about spreadability and versatile applications. 

Painting inspires emotion

Mood paint is a new approach to design attractive products. SEPPIC invites you to create an artwork with our ingredient palette. Explore our new collection through different painting approaches, multifunctional textures & cosmetic trends.


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