A Tailor-made Approach for Achieving a Fair and Even Complexion

With the exception of European-type populations who have favored tanned skin for several decades, Indian, Asian, African and South American populations endeavour to lighten their complexions and reduce the unsightly appearance of pigment disorders.

Among people looking to brighten their skin, people with dark skin are often seeking global lightening products with high depigmentation effectiveness. Whereas for Asian consumers, priority is given to the lightening of hyperpigmented areas (such as dark spots) for a more even tone; a healthy and natural look.

Mediatone™ helps both people with dark skin and medium skin tone, such as Asians, to achieve a fairer complexion. By regulating genetic pigmentation and controlling the melanin pathway through the skin, Mediatone™ acts as a skin tone regulator.

On dark skin: brightening of the entire skin surface for a fairer complexion after only four weeks. 

Affects on dark skin

On Asian skin: lightening of hyperpigmented areas for a more even and bright tone after only three weeks.

Affects on skin

Obtained by an eco-designed process, for which the reaction received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005, Mediatone™ is of high purity and is non-toxic to cells, unlike competitive inhibitors. It complies with the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.

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