Kalichem Biotech- Microbiome, Endorphin For Anti-Wrinkle & Lifting


Kalichem is a biotech company committed to the research, development and production of innovative high-tech specialties.  Its developing activity is supported by deep expertise in the biotech manufacturing process, knowledge of skin and exogenous/biomimetic substances interactions, and the partnership with the most prestigious universities and institutes of cosmetics chemistry research. 

Kalichem‘s portfolio interprets the philosophy of “SELF CARE” (namely the concepts of CLINICAL BEAUTY and CLEAN BEAUTY) as its core mission, exerted through the meticulous functional efficacy objectification of each specialty designed and introduced on the personal care and cosmeceutical market.

KALIBIOME POSTBIOTICS for microbiome care

Kalibiome is a platform of pure and selected postbiotics awarded at the IFSCC 2019 for microbiome innovation, developed through a patented bio-fermentation, enabling to obtain reproducible pure actives (postbiotics) with unique purity yield, safety, preservatives free composition, selectivity of action and objectified in vivo & vitro efficacy. Proven compatible with all cosmetics preservatives, Kalibiome family is a new frontier of science and conceiving of “microbiome care”.  

Kalibiome Technology Flyer

The platform actives are:

Kalibiome Age: specific for skin redensification and anti-wrinkle.

Kalibiome Sensitive: aimed to soothe sensitive and atopic skin.

Kalibiome Ecogenetic: designed to balance skin microbiome equilibrium and strengthen skin and mucosa barrier.

Kalibiome Oris: developed targeting the oral mucosa strengthening and soothing. 


KALINAT DNA: double helix DNA for skin lifting and regeneration

Kalinat DNA - Short Presentation

Kalinat DNA is a specialty based on pure double helix DNA, developed through an exclusive biotech process of molecular biology with GMP standard in a highly sophisticated manufacturing facility.

Its unique supercoiled tridimensional structure provides the skin with an instant lifting effect and a long term wrinkle reduction & aged skin regeneration through its biological signaling features.


PEPTILIFT: Botox like wrinkle reduction through endorphin and skin-brain interaction

Peptilift - Short Presentation

Specialty made of a biomimetic endorphin (the physiological neurotransmitter involved in the modulation of happiness feelings and skin wellness) included in a functional lipo-oligopeptidic delivery system (CLA Glutathione). In vivo efficacy tests prove wrinkle volume reduction by more than 50%, as the result of its relaxing action on skin nervous system and face mimic muscles. The new generation of Botox.


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