Black Bee Honey Ferment to Restore the Skin’s Natural Microflora


Black BeeOme™ is an elixir that is obtained by fermenting the honey of a rare and old honey bee species. The honey of this extremely resistant dark bee is produced in isolated Swiss mountain valleys and it is fermented with the bacteria Zymomonas mobilis.

In vitro and clinical studies have shown that following washing, Black BeeOme™ promotes faster regeneration of the skin flora as well as the restoration of the skin barrier. Furthermore, fermented black bee honey was shown to reduce sebum production and improve the uniformity of oily and uneven facial skin. Only 15 minutes after a single application on a sheet mask, Black BeeOme™ showed a significant improvement in the impure skin of volunteers who lived in urban, polluted locations.

Black BeeOme™:

• Reduces sebum production for a matte and pure skin

• Regenerates the skin microflora after washing

• Protects and strengthens the skin barrier

Black BeeOme™ has been designed for the recovery of the individual skin microflora following stress and it results in a healthy, exceptionally clear and pure skin.


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