Dermawhite(TM) WF is the newest skin brightening ingredient from BASF


Dermawhite(TM) WF is BASF's newest skin brightening ingredient. This patented blend is proven to be three times more effective than kojic acid during in vitro studies, blocking more than 90% of melanin production, and it shows superior short- and long-term results throughout clinical trials. Dermawhite(TM) WF is quantitatively proven to brighten Indian skin in just two weeks, with a continued brightening effect through eight weeks. Visible results were confirmed by a dermatologist evaluation. According to the panelists' self-perception assessment, Dermawhite(TM) WF provides better perceivable results than kojic acid at equivalent use levels. Dermawhite(TM) WF captures the power of nature to affordably and effectively illuminate the skin.


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