Eco-friendly, Odor-fighting Active for AP/Deo

Symrise has launched an active ingredient for deodorants that fights body odor. SymDeo B125 (proposed INCI: Methyl Cyclohexylpentanol) is an eco-friendly deodorant active said to fight odor in two ways—by helping to control the growth of free Gram-positive bacteria and disrupting the biofilm formed by C. xerosis bacteria. Its targeted effect on only Gram-positive bacteria allows the active to be gentle on the skin and to protect natural skin flora.

Clinical trials conducted by the company on humans reportedly showed a significant reduction of body odor. The company finds the efficacy of the active to compare well with triclosan, which is widely used as an antibacterial active ingredient in deodorants. However, because the active is not an organochloride, it is more environmentally friendly. The active is recommended at 0.3-1.0% w/w.

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