The Vegan Alternative to Natural Keratin for Rejuvenating Haircare


While many protein hydrolysates produce their effects on the hair surface or in the cuticle, BASF’s new low molecular weight protein Gluadin® Kera-P LM penetrates through the cuticle deep into the cortex.  This is where it helps rebuild the hair with missing protein building blocks. On the hair surface, Gluadin® Kera-P LM provides protection for the cuticle. Where normally free radicals cause protein degradation ultimately leading to weak hair, Gluadin® Kera-P LM reduces hair damage thanks to its double protective effect: 1. It can diminish the copper bond with hair and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress: 2. It is able to intercept free radicals preventing premature hair aging. Gluadin® Kera-P LM is based on plant-derived protein building blocks that are free from wheat. With an amino acid spectrum very similar to that of keratins of animal origin, it offers a vegan and gluten-free alternative to conventional keratins.


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