ISOPENTYLDIOL:The Multi-Functional Ingredient for all formulations & all formulators


Isopentyldiol is a multifunctional ingredient manufactured by Kuraray that adds value to various cosmetics and personal care products. Isopentyldiol contributes to the moisturization of skin, repairs and improves the texture of hair, is hypoallergenic, and can reduce the need for preservatives.

These unique features are beneficial in various personal care products such as hair care, skin care, makeup, cleansers, sun care, toiletries, baby care and more.

Isopentyldiol is an odorless, colorless, fully water-soluble liquid ingredient. Thanks to its amphiphilic properties, it is a good way to compatibilize oil and water-soluble components. Isopentyldiol can be easily incorporated into all formulations, whether aqueous or anhydrous.

Hair Repair Effect

Isopentyldiol maximizes its effect when used in combination with sorbitol. Its hair repair effect is outstanding. If you look at a damaged strand of hair versus hair treated with a mixture of Isopentyldiol and Sorbitol through an electron microscope, the effect is obvious: the hair’s cuticles are restored to their original condition (Fig. 1).

The hair repair and smoothing effect is remarkable, as demonstrated by the unique measurement method called the Ring Drop Test (Fig. 2). The same tests conducted with classical glycols do not show any synergy. Only the formulations with Isopentyldiol show this effect.

Color RetentionColor Retention

Isopentyldiol also helps to retain color in hair. Coloring hair with oxidative hair dye formulated with Isopentyldiol and then washing hair with shampoo formulated with Isopentyldiol decreased discoloration by 33% as compared with the same procedure without Isopentyldiol. Here, hair samples were washed 15 times each and the final color was measured with a colorimeter (Fig.3). Isopentyldiol clearly contributes excellent hair color retention


Naturally wavy hair was treated with a shampoo containing 2.5% Isopentyldiol and a conditioner containing 5% Isopentyldiol, then straightened, and the width of the hair bundle was measured. The measurements were taken at three points: immediately after straightening, after 3 hours, and after 24 hours (Fig. 4). Including Isopentyldiol in the formulations reduced frizz immediately and maintained the frizz reduction throughout the 24-hour period.


The performance of Isopentyldiol demonstrated remarkable effects in hair care applications. Isopentyldiol has numerous other benefits, such as improving the foaming properties of shampoo, giving gloss to hair, and strengthening hair strands. It is also increasingly used in skin care applications such as lotion, makeup remover, and sunscreen—contributing to a smoother texture, enhancing the performance of active ingredients, and improving compatibility with Isopropylmethylphenol (IPMP) or phenoxyethanol to boost antibacterial properties.

With its unique properties, Isopentyldiol is sure to help in your formulation development for any personal care product. Please register to download further data on Isopentyldiol and discover additional benefits that are not introduced in this article.

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