Who helps defy gray hair? We do


Chromafend™ biofunctional from Ashland’s Vincience laboratories in France is extracted from golden flax seeds (Linseed) that are organically grown and eco-extracted.1 Designed to preserve hair’s natural color, this unique extract was selected for its capacity to boost key pigmentation markers in the hair follicle as demonstrated by several in vitro and ex vivo studies.


Inspired by the “Hair Melanin System,” the Chromafend™ biofunctional modulates key pigmentation biomarkers linked to hair graying. With clinically proven benefits on the appearance of gray hair, it can be used in hair treatments to address the following:

  • first signs of the emergence of gray hair;
  • boosting the gray hair darkening and vitality;
  • spacing out gray hair coloration; 
  • darkening of the hair in men’s beards.

 The Chromafend™ biofunctional visibly reduces the appearance of gray hair: 


Ashland Ct1910 Image

1eco-extracted according to the COSMOS standard



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