Who Has Picture-Perfect Color That Lasts? We Do.


For 78% of consumers worldwide, their looks and appearance is quite important. For some, their hair is their best accessory while others use it to make a statement. For example, Millennials and Gen Z women crave individual expression and look to color for easy experimentation and frequent change. Regardless of one’s philosophy, consumers can use their hair as a canvas to personalize their look through color.

To keep color-treated hair looking picture-perfect, the hair care solvers at Ashland developed ChromoHance™ 113 polymer (INCI: Polyquaternium-113), a unique, patented technology, that:

  • delivers consumer-perceivable, long-lasting hair color retention
  • restores the hydrophobic shield on hair to return it to a healthier state
  • preserves color vibrancy and reduces color fade
  • delivers long-lasting conditioning and repair
  • restores the bounce of bleached, damaged hair

ChromoHance™ 113 polymer may be used in a range of products to maintain long lasting, alluring and vibrant hair color.

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