Beat the Heat with Complete Thermal Protection


TRI-K Industries, Inc. has developed a naturally sourced proven ingredient to target thermal protection for hair care. Styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons have become part of consumers’ daily routine, causing significant damage to unprotected strands. Frequent use of these tools contributes to irregular texture, weakened fibers and makes strands more prone to breakage. To prevent additional damage from occurring, consumers must use a targeted solution to ensure hair is protected. Introducing Barla Q Pro NPNF - Prime; protect and prevent future damage to hair with this triple- acting ingredient.

Derived from food grade golden barley, Barla Q Pro NPNF contains a cationic component that can be used as a more efficacious alternative to synthetic ingredients. A quaternized derivative of barley protein, Barla Q Pro NPNF is substantive to hair. Barla Q Pro NPNF has a high level of Proline, referred to by industry experts as a thermoprotector. Proline helps protects hair from heat damage and counteracts coagulation of proteins under heat stress. Proline is a powerful antioxidant known to limit oxidative damage and is the most efficient scavenger of singlet oxygen generated by UVA and visible light.

Barla Q Pro NPNF has been tested on multiple hair types, including Chinese, Indian, Caucasian and Brazilian, subjected to various forms of heat damage. The use of Barla Q Pro NPNF resulted in significant improvements in tensile properties and manageability. This product can be used as a comprehensive system for thermal protection in shampoos, conditioners, serums, primers, masks and other hair treatments. Additionally, Barla Q Pro NPNF™ is gluten-free, paraben-free and formaldehyde-free. Rejuvenate your damaged strands and protect against future damage with complete thermal protection for healthier looking hair. Barla Q Pro NPNF – Beat the heat with complete thermal protection.


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