Pure, High-definition Pigments for a Colorful Face


We live in a high-definition world. People are accustomed to seeing things that are crisp, clean, colorful and beautiful.

Chione HD (High Definition) pigments from BASF bring the same degree of high-definition performance to the world of cosmetics. Combining the best of high chroma and high purity, Chione HD pigments illuminate skin and help create a flawless, even-toned look.

These remarkable pigments will infuse your formulations with bright, clean colors and brilliant pearlescent effects, while providing excellent coverage, exceptional skin adhesion and a soft silky feel. When used in eye makeup, Chione HD pigments provide a youthful, energized patina. In lip care products, they help create a dazzling background shimmer and brilliance, from both gels and waxes.

And with a particle size average of 14 microns, Chione HD pigments are ideal for virtually all types of face, eye and lip cosmetics. Additionally, typical trace heavy metals are exceptionally low, making Chione HD pigments a new standard in purity.

With Chione HD pigments from BASF, you can help your consumers look and feel not just beautiful but high-definition beautiful.


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