C&T Formulary: Bath and Body


Invigorating Foam Bubble Bath


Enjoy playing with the unique texture of this super thick bubble bath. Due to its unique rheology, it can be scooped or poured into the bath where it creates plush, enveloping foam that invigorates as it cleanses.


Premium Shave Cream


This premium shave cream is a chassis for many possible shaving and grooming formulations. It is ideal for shaving legs, face and sensitive areas. It can be used in an aerosol foam, cream or gel format. The emollient phase provides slip and re-fatting of the skin during and after the delipidization that commonly occurs when dragging a blade across skin. The weight of the residual after-feel can be modified by adjusting the amount of emollient chosen; for example, replacing 1% of Floraesters 30 with 1% moringa butter provides a much richer after-feel.


Sweet Scrub Lipogel

The HallStar Company

Sweet Scrub Lipogel washes and exfoliates the body without the common irritating effect of traditional soaps. Apply to wet skin and massage until the exfoliating granules release the Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract and the gel turns into a lotion, then rinse with water.


Brighten the Day Roll-on Antiperspirant

Lonza Personal Care


Renewable Carbon Index, Ethoxylate-free Body Wash

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

Create a luxurious experience in the shower with this body wash. Glucamate CCO thickener thickens this blend of plant-derived Sulfochem SLS-K and Chembetaine CAD surfactants, giving the formulation a high renewable carbon content. The conditioning polymers can be changed with other products to offering formulation flexibility depending on the desired foaming and sensory of the formula.


Transparent Glycerin Bar Soap

Stepan Co.

This transparent soap bar for hands, face or body provides abundant lather, low irritation, excellent hardness and transparency.


Make It Fizz Bath Bomb – Purple Rain

Sun Chemical Corp.

Add color and fragrance to your bath experience with this fizzing, funky purple rock. Moisturizing cocoa butter and calming lavender oils deliver a spa like experience. Intenza Zinzolin with SunSHINE Ultra Glitter Violet provide a beautiful purple color. Essential oil and colors can be varied, along with different shapes and molds to create many unique bath bombs.

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