A Star(ch) is Born: Amaze™ Nordic Barley FAKE

A 100% natural, unmodified, COSMOS approved starch ideal for skin, sun and hair care formulations and color cosmeticsA 100% natural, unmodified, COSMOS approved starch ideal for skin, sun and hair care formulations and color cosmetics

Originating in central Asia, the modern success story of barley had an 11,000-year head start. As the principal grain in ancient India, Egypt and Mesopotamia, the robust barley crop reached all the way into the cold frontier of northern Scandinavia. Today, it is an essential part of nutrition plans across all cultures and regions. Recent DNA analysis showed that even after several thousand years of cultivation, today’s Barley remains (more or less) the same1, making it a truly remarkable plant. 

The Amaze Nordic Barley starch is regionally grown, sourced from Scandinavia and produced in an eco-conscious process as a side-stream of the beverage industry. Due to high quality standards, it has excellent microbial purity and so is produced without the requirement for irradiation or other treatments. 

Key Benefits

With its ability to absorb any kind of lipophilic residues, Amaze Nordic Barley is ideal for a variety of personal care applications. Since it is readily biodegradable, GMO free and without any additives or processing, it responds to growing consumer demand for clean label cosmetics: 

  • Creates a natural, sensory appearance in final consumer formulations
  • COSMOS approved raw material

Makes new visual effects like nude look possible in color cosmetics 

Recommended Applications 

Skin and Sun Care

Amaze Nordic Barley helps control shine due to its excellent oil absorbing properties. Tested from an all-natural face cream chassis, it significantly reduces the oiliness and gloss of the skin while leaving a powdery after-feel. It is the ideal alternative to persistent aesthetic modifiers like PMMA and Nylon.


Amaze Nordic Barley is well suited for dry shampoo with its smooth and natural feel on hair enabling conditioning claims without the usage of cetrimonium chloride surface treatments. It gives a feel which is less dry and less rough than other starches.

Tested from a standard dry shampoo formulation, it reduces the whitening effect on hair perceivably 

Amaze Nordic Barley provides a more natural styling with good volume development. It can be used in other styling products like pomades and waxes to create new and engaging textures.

Color Cosmetics 

Amaze Nordic Barley provides a similar light scattering effect to that of young skin, which results in a nude look that corrects imperfections like freckles and dark spots.

The fine particle size and unique morphology makes the transition between covered and non-covered skin almost invisible. It instantly blurs appearance of wrinkles by softening edges through light diffusion.

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1 Mascher, M., Schuenemann, V., Davidovich, U. et al. Genomic analysis 6,000-year-old cultivated grain illuminates domestication history of barley. Nature Genetics 48, 1089 1093 (2016)



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