C&T Summit: Mark Chandler Delves Into the World of Sensory Engineering…


At the 2014 C&T Summit, Mark Chandler led a widely popular lab covering the technical aspects of creating sensory effects in formulations. Participants, working in groups, were given mock marketing briefs and a palette of sample formulas to explore which best met the target application.

We're thrilled to welcome Mark back in 2015 and pumped about the level of knowledge and enthusiasm he brings.

His day two hands-on workshop again explores approaches to create sensory experiences in personal care, and he's putting the "fun" in the fundamentals of this workshop—literally.

We'll let him expound.

"We are going to have huge fun again this year. I plan to take us even further into the world of sensory engineering, with some new twists and turns for the workshop.

"My plan is to have the groups start with three emulsions with different emulsifiers and the same emollient to decide on the all-important appearance, pick-up and rub-out characteristics that will appeal to the target audience.

"Once the emulsion platform is agreed upon by the group, they will then engineer the after-feel among three choices of emollient in their selected emulsion. All of these emulsions will be made ahead of time, ready to sample.

"In conjunction with this exercise, there will be three packaging choices. Groups will wrestle with the age-old question: do you design the product around the package or the package around the product?

"If the groups have the time and desire, they can select among three fragrances and three colors, which they can add to their formulation. Finally, like the 2014 event, each group will defend their selections and make their marketing pitch.

"Another twist for 2015: groups will be designing a facial product to be used at night, with each group designing theirs to meet their own needs and desires, and then discuss the choices each group has made."

Join Mark and your fellow cosmetic scientists at this one-of-a-kind opportunity.


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