Compass: Innovation Through Interaction

Evolution cites thousands of years of nature’s experience, refinement and trial and error as the basis from which humankind has progressed. Similarly, industry has advanced through invention, collaboration and the “borrowing” of ideas from other industries—why reinvent the wheel? Along with such interaction has come learned efficiencies to not only improve on technologies, but also to do so at an increasing pace.

As I alluded to in the December issue, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine is grounding itself for fast-forward thinking in the New Year with a new mantra: Innovation Through Interaction. This refrain will drive our content to capture the spirit of invention through collaboration.

We see it all the time—the medical field looks to electronics for nanosized robots to repair the human body; the food industry dips into health care to nutritionally enhance the food we eat; personal care borrows medical technologies to improve the efficacy of products, etc.; and with such rich idea-sharing, just look at our progress.

This fundamental thought will not only drive content, it also will inspire our cover designs. Bold bursts of color offset with a black and white backdrop will call attention to something active or unexpected because innovations often come from where you least expect them.

Tuning to our new mantra for 2008, this issue takes a page from biology class with Isabelle Imbert’s look at cell aging and how slowing its pace can be transferred into antiaging. In addition, Gilles Pauly, MD, et al. examine the structure of collagen in aged skin and discuss a tetrapeptide to improve epidermial cohesion.

Finally, plucking fresh ideas from the orchard, Naveed Akhtar and co-authors examine the effects of a grapefruit extract cream on melanin and other skin properties. The Skin Care Formulary also offers formulators recipes to sample in their cosmetic “kitchens.”

The personal care industry has long looked to other industries for technology transfer opportunities and ideas; C&T magazine is simply taking this fact to heart to help propel its readers forward and toward each other, serving as a medium in print, in person and online, to foster innovation through interaction.

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