Innospec Adds to Benzoate Ester Line By Addressing Benzyl Benzoate and Sustainability

Innospec has introduced two new variants of its benzoate ester Finsolv TN (INCI: C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate), a more sustainable version and one that is lower in benzyl benzoate.

While the original Finsolv TN is based on synthetic raw materials, the company's laboratory was able to recreate the ester with raw materials approaching 50% natural to create Finsolv TN-G. All the performance attributes of the original Finsolv line remain unchanged as does the INCI name.

Finsolv TN-LB is the same as the origin in all aspects with a more rigorous specification for benzyl benzoate. The specification is < 20ppm, 50% lower the our standard Finsolv TN.

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