Gelest Launches Brightness, Feel Ingredient

Gelest, Inc. introduced an ingredient-alternative to boron nitride for imparting lubricity, brightness and feel to personal care products. Gelest Sericite B SS (INCI: Mica (and) Stearyl Triethoxysilane) is a high-performance, highly white particle modified with the company's Silky Slip (SS) (INCI: Stearyl Triethoxysilane) surface treatment technology.

“With the SS surface treatment, Sericite B SS provides slip and creaminess not achievable with other sericites,” said Edward Kimble, Gelest product manager silicones, in a press announcement. “Used in combination with natural or synthetic ingredients, [the ingredient] improves the end-user’s sensory experience by imparting a soft, silky, rich and lubricious after-feel.”

In addition, the ingredient improves spreadability and reduces tack and greasiness. It can be used to replace boron nitride in creams, lotions, liquid foundations, mineral makeup, pressed powders and more.

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