Lonza Debuts Multifunctional Ester for Conditioning and Dry Feel

Lonza has launched an ester that conditions skin, has good spreadability and leaves a dry, powdery after feel. Lonzest DC Emollient Ester (INCI: Dicaprylyl Carbonate) is a light ester emollient that conditions skin with solubility of UV filters. It has pigment-wetting properties and can serve as an alternative to silicone.

The product helps impart a light, dry, powdery feel to the skin, so that the skin doesn’t feel oily or greasy despite the application of a sunscreen or face lotion. It can be used in sunscreens, color cosmetics, daily facial lotions, overnight serums and non-greasy aesthetic formulations.

Study results confirmed that the ester is capable of helping to solubilize many different organic UV filters, as well as to improve the dispersion of inorganic UV filters.

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