EMD Presents Microplastic Alternative: RonaFlair Functional Fillers

Emd Rona Flair Functional Fillers
EMD/Merck KGaA

EMD Performance Materials from Merck KGaA has developed an alternative to microplastics: RonaFlair Functional Fillers (INCIs: Varies).

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The fillers offer a variety of sensorial characteristics such as a matte finish, smooth skin texture and a soft-focus effect. Regardless of the chosen effect, the products are designed add a luxurious finish and feel to both skin and cosmetic products.

Functional fillers are crucial in the feel, look and quality of cosmetics. According to the company, beauty products containing effective functional fillers are easier to apply, wear well and help mask imperfections or skin discolorations. The success of functional fillers is attributed to their platelet and spherical forms, which influence the performance of the final products.

Fillers allow cosmetics to glide on the skin with a silky feel, delivering rolling, powdery or velvety textures. They also offer a light shimmer and radiance; minimize imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles; add soft-focus effects; enhance smoothness; and extend wear.

For more information, contact Merck KGaA.

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