Croda Reveals Sensory Effects of Cithrol PGTL


Previously highlighted for its efficiency and versatility, Cithrol PGTL (INCI: Tri(Poly­glyceryl-3/​Lauryl) Hydrogenated Trilinoleate) has been proven effective as the sole w/o emulsifier for a range of sensory attributes.

According to Croda, the ability to create formulations with appealing sensory attributes is key in today's personal care market. Not only does this ensure a positive consumer experience, it also entices the consumer to keep using that formulation.

Further, sensory cues can portray a sense of efficacy. For dry skin, a thick rich cream imparts a healing and nourishing impression. In a warm climate, a quick-break lotion gives a refreshing boost.

In relation, Croda put Cithrol PGTL to the test as the sole emulsifier in two new formulas: Naturally Comforting Cream; and Clean the Scene Warming Makeup Remover. The ingredient successfully achieved high performance in both, and offers a 100% bio-based, vegan and USDA BioPreferred alternative to traditional PEG-based systems.

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