Durable Styling with Film-forming Polyurethane

Bayer MaterialScience will present a film-forming polyurethane dispersion for hair styling at In-Cosmetics in Milan. Baycusan C 1008 (INCI: Not Provided) is designed to enable formulators to manufacture hair sprays with firm and lasting hold.

Although the dispersion is said to give hair a firm and lasting hold, it reportedly does not impart a stiff or sticky feeling to hair. Hair sprays containing the polyurethane dispersion also give hairstyles a flexible hold.

The polymer is supplied in ready-to-use form and is compatible with many other components in hair sprays. When combined with ethanol/water mixtures, the dispersion yields a clear solution, and the viscosity in high water content levels does not rise significantly. Therefore, the dispersion is suitable for formulations with a high alcohol content and those with a low volatile organic compounds content. The dispersion forms stable solutions with common propellants, such as dimethyl ether, even at low temperatures.

According to the company, hair treated with the dispersion resists bending better than hair treated with its predecessor product Baycusan C 1001 (INCI: Polyurethane-34). The company conducted an Omega loop test, wherein a strand of hair was clamped to resenble the shape of the Greek letter Omega. After applying the film former, the force required to depress the strand 25% at its highest point is measured, which was repeated10 times. If the strand had perfect “shape memory,” the same force would be required each time to “dent” it. The force reportedly declined with the dispersion, but to a much lesser extent for strands than for hair treated with acrylate copolymers, for example.

The company also found that curls treated with the polyurethane dispersion change their length and shape only minimally, even in high humidity. The high humidity curl retention was reportedly strong for an entire day.

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