Better Makeup Skin Feel with Sucrose Esters

At In-Cosmetics in Milan, Sisterna B.V. will discuss the formulation of w/o and o/w foundations with its sucrose esters, which reportedly are designed for application in makeup formulations to produce an enjoyable skin feel.

In lipsticks, sucrose esters are said to help decrease blooming and sweating and improve consistency of the stick. Furthermore, low HLB-grade sucrose esters exhibit a binding effect in compact powders.

The company finds that A10E-C (INCI: Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate), a special grade sucrose ester, can provide a positive skin feel in color cosmetic applications. The esterification of the sugar molecule is conducted with both fatty acids and acetic acid; therefore, its high degree of esterification yields a grade of sucrose ester with no surface active properties.

This sucrose ester can be considered a "sugar wax" and is said to influence the rheological and sensorial properties of oils, to stabilize w/o emulsions, to improve the stability of pigmented emulsions and to bind powders.

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