Japanese Beauty Supplier Receives R&D Award, Launches Ingredient for Skin and Hair Care


At in-cosmetics Global 2019, Ichimaru Pharcos will introduce a new ingredient made from Japanese ingredients: “Wamino-BonBon” (Stand F60).

Wamino-BonBon (Molasses, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Lees Extract) is a 100%-made-in-Japan extract that is produced with a combination of Sake lees made from a high-quality Japanese Sake and molasses from highly refined Japanese traditional sugar. It is a preservative-free and natural cosmetic ingredient that is made solely with food materials, with both sustainability and traceability. Wamino-BonBon substantially changes formulation texture and it is effective for both skin and hair.

Wamino-BonBon was elected as a final candidate in the Active Ingredients category for the “PCHi 2019 Fountain Award,” presented at PCHi China 2019 in Guangzhou in February. Although we missed the product award, Takashi Ikeda, who is product developer of Wamino-BonBon, was selected as an Outstanding Individual of the Year.


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