100% Natural Cyclomethicone Alternative - LexFeel WOW DT


Versatile D5 Alternative with Superior Performance

LexFeelTM WOW DT is a 100% natural Cyclopentasiloxane (D5) alternative with an impressive sensory likeness to D5 and a superior Dry-Touch luxury finish.  Backed by substantial performance data in skin care, color cosmetics, and AP/DEO applications, LexFeelTM WOW DT is an optimal choice for versatile D5 replacement.

In color cosmetics LexFeelTM WOW DT evenly disperses pigments for bright, uniform color pay-off with one swipe.

In sun care formulations, LexFeelTM WOW DT disperses inorganic UV filters giving a smooth emulsion with lower viscosity and easier spreading during application.

 In anti-perspirants, LexFeelTM WOW DT visibly reduces the whitening effect of anti-perspirant actives, outperforming market leading “invisible” solid formulations.

LexFeelTM WOW DT is derived from renewable, sustainable, palm-alternative building blocks, castor bean and sugarcane. It is readily biodegradable for superior environmental safety. 

LexFeelTM WOW DT is REACH registered and is listed on the China IECIC and IECSC inventories.


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